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Posted on: May 19, 2010 1:27 pm

The Triumphant return of: RIDDLE ME THIS SE7EN!

Alright, after a few requests to bring back the riddles I figured I do a quick, little 10 question quiz to make sure that you are all still on your toes...

Like always, do your answers in a reply on the bottom, and no peaking at the answers other people put because that would make you a Bill  "I missed interpretted the rules" Belichick,...

So these ones are pretty simple little buggers but it's good for passing a few minutes!

So without further adieu, the return of Riddle me this se7en:

1) Some Months have 31 days, some months have just 30. How many months have 28 days?

2) You are running in a race but your in the middle of the pack and the finish line is getting near. You start running as hard as you can and you ovvertake third place just as you cross the finish line! What place did you get!?

3) How many species of each animal did moses take on his ark?

4) You wake up in the middle of the night & you see on your digital clock that it's 2:00. Exactly three & a quarter hours later your cat wakes you up when it knocks your alarm clock on the ground. Luckily even tho the clock is on the ground & upside down now you can still see the reflection of the time in the mirror in the corner. So seeing as it's three & a quarter hours later then it was at 2:00, you should see 51:50 in the reflection in the mirror. Is this correct?

5) Take 3 apples from 10. How many do you have?

6) Sam's parents have 5 kids. The parents thought they'd be clever and name their kids Bab, Beb, Bib, Bob, & _________. What was the 5th kids name?

7) Solve this math question in your head! NO CALCULATORS or PEN & PAPER! Take 1000 & add 40, Now add another 1000. Now add 30. Add another 1000, now add 20. Now add 1000 more. Lastly add 10. What is the total?

8) (I don't really like these little ones) But a farmer has 10 cows but after a fierce winter storm all but 6 of the cows die... The farmer is devasted by the loss but he's happy that he still has some cows left.. How many cows does he still have?

9) Here's another race question... So there's a race you're running & running but can't catch up. You run the hardest you've ever run before and just before the finish line you pass the guy in last place! What place did you end up in!?

a) Last  b) second to last c) 3rd to last  d) 4th to last  e) none of the above

10) Last but not least: A wealthy women comes home form a day with friends on a Sunday evening and finds her husband lying dead on the bedroom floor & she can tell he's been murdered! She runs to the phone & calls the police! When the police arrive they start looking around the house for clues and after some deduction they determine that the murder happened at exactly 12 noon.. So they start questioning everyone at the house about their where-abouts at the time of the murder. There's the wife, the maid, the butler, the personal trainer & the cook....

The police start by questioning the wife... The Wife says, "I said goodbye to my husband this morning at 10am, he said he was going to stay at the house all day so I kissed him and went out with my friends, and I just got home a hour ago around 7 o'clock!"

Then the ask the maid where she was at noon. She replies, "it wasn't me! I was downstairs in the living room dusting the furniture!"

They proceed to ask the Butler the same question.. He replies " It wasn't me! I wasn't even in the house, I was outside getting the mail like I do every day at noon!"

They continue on to the persoanl trainer, he replies, "I couldn't have killed him! I was in the gym working out!"

lastly they ask the cook, he replies, "It wasn't me! that's Impossible! I was in the kitchen preparing lunch!"

An officer looks over all the suspects, pulls out his handcuffs and says, "you're under arrest for murder" as he handcuffs the culprit...

Who was the murderer!?

Hope you enjoyed it...

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