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Posted on: January 18, 2008 2:44 pm

Riddle me this se7en...

So after the success of my blog from yesterday I felt that today was a good day for some road trip riddles. Most of you have probably heard the majority of these but maybe there's one you haven't... If your wondering why I call them road trip riddles, it's because I learned them all taking road trips....  Post your answers at the bottom, but hit the "add comment" and post before you open the comments that others have posted. In other words, don't cheat! haha

Alright, take a shot at these...

1) A man in Michigan marries 3 different woman all in the same year. All his marriages are perfectly legal. He is not morman, (or else I would of said Utah. haha) , and he's not cheating nor is he leading any secret lifes. There are no divorces, and all of the women are still alive and well.  How is this man able to pull this off?

2) A man is in a horrible car accident, after they pull the man from his car, they put him in an ambulence and they take him to the hospital. While he is recovering in his hospital bed, another man comes barreling into the hospital, this man frantically asks the nurses and doctors where the man that was just in a car accident is. After they tell him, he makes his way towards the hospital room, just as he's about to go in a doctor stops him and says "excuse me sir, you can't go in there... Immediate family only"  The man looks at the doctor and says.. "well doctor, as for brothers and sisters, I have none... but that mans father was my fathers son!  I can go in and see him!" The man then goes into the hospital room and the doctore thinks to himself, "who was that guy!?"  So... Who was that guy?  (this one works better verbaly)

3) Sadly enough, this one was used in a movie, I knew it first....  So a man has 2 different jugs that hold water. One of the jugs holds EXACTLY 3 gallons of water when filled to the brim. The other holds EXACTLY 5 gallons of water when filled to the brim. The man with the jugs needs to somehow get EXACTLY 4 gallons of water. How can he do this using nothing more then the 2 jugs and a hose to fill them?

4) A man and his son are driving down the road one night when a car blindsides them out of nowhere. The car that hits them slams directly into the drivers side door killing the man on impact. The car spins to a halt, all smashed up and the son is hurt badly but still alive. The ambulence finally comes and they rush him to the hospital. As they burst thru the emergency room doors  the ER's head doctor comes running out and looks at the young boy and freezes. The doctor looks up with a pale face and says "I can't operate on this boy! this boy is my son!" How is this possible? (by the way there's no gay references, or step dad scenario's)

5) I don't really like this one, but here it goes... A man comes to a rikity old bridge that has a sign in front of it that says... " VERY IMPORTANT - This Bridge can ONLY hold exactly 110 pounds or less! Even ONE pound over and the bridge will collapse!"  The man weighs exactly 100 pounds. He is carrying 3 sacks with him. Each of the 3 sacks weighs exactly 5 pounds each. So he has a total of 115 pounds and can't cross the bridge unless?  How can he get across the bridge in JUST ONE trip, without leaving anything behind?

6) How can you throw a ball as absolutly hard has you possibly can, and have it come right back to you? (there's no one to throw it back to you, no walls to bounce it off, & no strings attached to it.)

Lucky 7) This is an old classic - A man has 2 twin daughters, he has to get across a fast moving river with freezing cold water. It has way too much of a current and it's way to cold to swim. The only way across the river that he can see is a small rowboat that will sink if it has more then 100 pounds in it. The man Weighs 100 pounds, each of his twin daughters weighs exactly 50 pounds each. How can he get everyone across the river safely?

Alright Guys... I'll stop in later to see if you guys answered.... If you liked them I'll do more later.... Enjoy!

ps- The Ducks SUCK! and the Wild are going to absolutely destroy them for the 3rd straight time tonight!

Posted on: January 17, 2008 2:28 pm

More Random Facts that you really don't need....

Well, as promised, the thrilling continuation of "Random facts that you really never need to know". Today we're going to learn why barns are red, and more importantly, how to win money by disproving math... Oh ya, and a little hockey...

Why are barns red?

  Here's the answer to a question that no one really asks... So back in the days when America was still trying to establishing itself as a country. The King of England was angry that all these people were heading to America. He wanted to profit from what he felt should be his new land. Well before they started sending Soliders here, he tried more nusenceing measures, like attempting to cut off any supplies that were coming across the atlantic. Of these supplies were included the proper ingredients used to dye white paint different colors. Our young country had the resources to make a crude white paint, but had no successful way to make it any other color. So farmers took meaures into there own hands. They figured out that when they slaughtered their cows and ox that they had a bloody mess on their hands (no Brttish pun intended) The farmers started adding the blood to the white paint mixture. When enough was added, the blood mixed and acted as a dye, keeping the paint a faded blood red. Because of this, the farmers mainly painted their barns and farmhouses red since it was the only color they had, and it didn't get filthy like the white paint... From there, they started adding smashed blue berries and other natural color extracts to attempt making other colors, from the trial and error, it evidently taught us to make every color we wanted...

How to win Money at the bar by disproving math...

First off, this is a little tricky but it's genuis... First you need to wait until your friends get nice and tipsy (it works sober, but it's more fun when they're drunk, oh and they're more likely to wager money) Next, bet your friends that you can ask them a really simple math question that they won't only not be able to answer, but they won't even be able to explain... Here's the question in simple word problem form...

 The set-up-  3 guys are driving down an old highway really late one night, when all of a sudden their car starts making a funny sound, the sound gets worse & worse until the engine sputters to a hault. The 3 guys get out of the car and look around, luckily they see a little motel up the way. it's almost 4am and everyone is tired so they decide to get some sleep & get the car fixed in the morning. So they walk to the motel and go inside.

The story- When they get inside they tell the clerk what happened and they ask "how much for the 3 of us to split a room for the night?" the clerk responds " well guys, a room is $30 per night... since there's 3 of you sharing, it'll be $10 per person"  So each of the 3 guys pulls out a $10 bill and gives it to the clerk, giving the clerk a total of $30, and they go up to their room. Just after this, the motel owner comes out & asks the clerk "hey, how much did you just charge those guys?" the clerk responds  "$30, ten dollars a piece" The owner says, you overcharged them... it was only $25 dollars tonight, here take $5 dollars and go give them their money back" The clerk says ok and takes 5, one dollar bills upstairs. As he's walking he thinks, "how am I going to split $5 among 3 guys? I'll just pocket $2 and tell them the room was cheaper. So he pockets $2 & knocks on the door. He explains what had happened and gives each guy $1 back, says goodnight and walks away.

The problem- So the room was orignally $30 correct? Each guy originally paid $10 a piece correct? Each guy got a $1 refund so after getting one dollar back each. Each guy paid $9 a piece correct? Well 9 + 9 + 9 = 27  (or 9 x 3 = 27) the clerk only put $2 in his pocket right? That only adds up to $29 dollars... Where did the last dollar go?

The next problem - Getting your friends to actually pay you after they sit there dumbfounded for 10 minutes...

* If you work the problem a different way, you can make it work out, but thats not the point, so be sure to say the story accurately. When said correctly It makes the apperance of a dollar completely vanishing. I can explain the phenomanon but I'll see if any of you can first? Tark, our resident genuis, can you field this one?

On to hockey -

 The Wild should of won last night, and  I hate Jerome Ignilia more then any player in the NHL. But the Wild are all alone in first place so I can't complain. Go Wild!!

Hope you enjoyed todays post...

Tomorrows topic:  TBD ( I don't know what kind of mood 'll be in yet)

Posted on: January 15, 2008 5:37 pm

Random facts that you really don't need to know..

Today's Topics -

1) Why are dashboards in cars called dashboards?

   Back in the days when people travelled by carriage there was a problem when the horses got up to a "dashing" pace. It the driver & passengers would have dirt & mud flung up at them from the horses feet. So they installed a "dash board" on the front of the carriages to protect you from the dirt mud & debris. As carriages turned into horseless carriages, into cars. The name stuck, and the board in front of the driver is still called a "dashboard"...

2)Where did the term "rednecks" come from?

   Many people associate the term "rednick" with being a hick, or with a person being dumb country folk. Almost everyone assumes that the term has something to do with having sunburnt necks or "farmers tans" this is not true... Most people don't realize where the term came from. After the revelutionary war, when America started growing at a rapid pace, the south started wanted to do thing there own way, when the civil war was still in it's most rudeamentary form, southern or confederate soliders didn't have uniforms yet. So to distinquish themselves as soliders, they would tie a red bandana around the their neck when they would go fight. Much like the "red coats" being a term for British soliders. "red necks" became the early term for a confederate solider. As the south grew more organized and got uniforms, the term faded only to later be a derogatory term for farmers & people that lived on the outskirts of rural communitys.

See, you learn something everyday...

Come back tomorrow to learn about why barns are red, and how to win $50 dollars at the bar by disproving math... Maybe I'll squeeze some hockey in. But right now my teams kick'n ass so i don't have much to complain about...

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