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Posted on: January 15, 2008 5:37 pm

Random facts that you really don't need to know..

Today's Topics -

1) Why are dashboards in cars called dashboards?

   Back in the days when people travelled by carriage there was a problem when the horses got up to a "dashing" pace. It the driver & passengers would have dirt & mud flung up at them from the horses feet. So they installed a "dash board" on the front of the carriages to protect you from the dirt mud & debris. As carriages turned into horseless carriages, into cars. The name stuck, and the board in front of the driver is still called a "dashboard"...

2)Where did the term "rednecks" come from?

   Many people associate the term "rednick" with being a hick, or with a person being dumb country folk. Almost everyone assumes that the term has something to do with having sunburnt necks or "farmers tans" this is not true... Most people don't realize where the term came from. After the revelutionary war, when America started growing at a rapid pace, the south started wanted to do thing there own way, when the civil war was still in it's most rudeamentary form, southern or confederate soliders didn't have uniforms yet. So to distinquish themselves as soliders, they would tie a red bandana around the their neck when they would go fight. Much like the "red coats" being a term for British soliders. "red necks" became the early term for a confederate solider. As the south grew more organized and got uniforms, the term faded only to later be a derogatory term for farmers & people that lived on the outskirts of rural communitys.

See, you learn something everyday...

Come back tomorrow to learn about why barns are red, and how to win $50 dollars at the bar by disproving math... Maybe I'll squeeze some hockey in. But right now my teams kick'n ass so i don't have much to complain about...

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