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Posted on: January 21, 2008 3:05 pm

Riddle me that se7en... (part 2)

So maybe it's just me but I got a wicked case of the Mondays, and even worse, there's no one here to kick my ass for say'n that... I had a rough night last night that really messed me up today, let's just say I'm really looking forward to going home, and I'm really hoping it rains today...

Well, even though I'm really not in the mood for this to be riddles today, I did promise. So today riddles, tomorrow will be a completly diiferent random topic that I won't choose until tomorrow. So here is the astonishing conclusion to "riddle me this"... called "riddle me that" 7 more to hopefully make your work day not suck so much... Just like last time, I will post the answers on a thread / poll after lunch sometime to see how you guys did. But feel free to answer in the comments too, they were fun to read...

So last time you guys got the just of it... think outside the box. here it goes...

1) An old, old lady was driving down a rural road in a beat up old Lincoln, this car was so beat up that the headlights didn't even work in it. There was no street lights on this road, there was no moon or stars in the sky.  This old lady was already having trouble driving this big boat of a car when all of a sudden a black dog ran into the road. The old women slams on the brakes and avoids the dog. how was she able to see it?

2) Every moning a man wakes up in his 10th floor apartment. After he gets dressed and eats breakfast he takes the elevator down to the lobby and he heads to work. When he gets home from work he goes back to the elevator to go home, the only strange thing is, that unless it's raining, or somone else is riding the elevator with him, he gets off on the 7th floor and takes the stairs the rest of the way to his apartment. Why would he do this?

3) Once a long time ago, an old Arab Shiek tells his 2 sons that one of them will inherit his fortune. The shiek tells his 2 sons that they each are to take their camel to a distant city. The interesting part is, that the Shiek tells his sons that the one with the slower camel will win. The two sons, head out for the distant city puposley wondering the desert trying to be the slower of the 2. After weeks of this, an old wise man that the boys keep passing asks the boys what they are doing. The boys explain the situation to the old wise man. The old wise man replys with one brief sentance of advice. The boys look at eachother, jump on the camels and race to the distant city as fast as they possibly can. What advice did the old wise man give the 2 sons?

4) Here's a stupid little one... A 16 year old girl was so excited because she had just gotten her drivers license. She wanted to go out and celebrate, so she called her friends and told them that she would meet them at a liitle resturant that they liked to hang out at. This resturant was on a one -way street. The girl was going the wrong way down this one-way street to get to the resturant just as a cop was coming the right way down the street. The cop looked right at her. Not only did the girl not get in trouble, but she even waved to the cop. (she didn't know the cop) How was she able to this without getting in trouble?

Ok honestly, I'm pretty hungry and this is taking a while since I have to get some work done too, so the next ones are short & sweet. I'll do ones with more substance at a later date when I'm not dreading every f'n second I'm stuck in this stupid office.... Can you tell I'm not in the mood to be working?

5) Ok so what occurs once in every minute, yet occurs twice in every moment but yet somehow doesn't occur a single time in a thousand years?  (hint, thisone just pisses you off when you find out the answer because it's so simple yet so difficult at the same time)

6) A big hockey fan claims he can say the score before any single hockey game starts and he'll be right every single time. So his friend challenges him to do it again before a game. The man says the score, and like always he is completely right. How is able to get the right score before every single game? Or if you prefer, what score does he say the score is?

In the spirit of last weeks number 7, I'll keep it a river crossing question since it seemed that most people had troubles here. This one is a little tougher...

Lucky 7) Down in Africa there was a swiftly moving river (swift enough you can't swim it) There is one little boat that can carry 2 people across the river at a time. 6 men are trying to get across the river but there is a problem. 3 of the men are cannibals and 3 of the men are missionaries, All the men need to get across the river alive. And the tricky part is that there can never be more cannibals then Missionaries on either side of the river because the cannibals will kill the missionaries if they out number them. How are they able to get everyone across the river safely?

Alright enjoy.... I'll post the answers a little later...

ps- Congratulations to the NY Giants on going to the Superbowl! Boo the Patriots for going to the Superbowl. (I like the Chargers)


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